Twain "2 E.P.s"

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Twain "2 E.P.s"

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Twain’s 2 E.P.s is available as a 12" 180-gram black vinyl record or cassette release.

Side A is New Miami Sound, which consists of four songs recorded during the "Rare Feeling" album sessions.

Side B, Alternator, is a collection of solo demos performed and recorded inside a van by Twain singer and songwriter Mt Davidson. These recordings were previously available only digitally through the Twain Bandcamp, but these new AAA masters include interesting, in-between song sounds, as well as a previously-unreleased recording of "Black Chair."

Additionally, the LP & cassette come with a download code for 3 more unreleased songs recorded during the Rare Feeling sessions.

Cover painting by Peter Pezzimenti


Side A: New Miami Sound

1. Death (or S.F.)
2. Young God (gotta lotta feeling) 
3. Eileen 
4. Big Dog Mind 

Side B: Alternator

5. Nature Song 
6. Black Chair 
7. Prisoner 
8. High Tide 
9. Cold Beer in W.V. 
10. Rare Feeling v. 1 

Digital Exclusives

11. Holy Navigator 
12. Anything Can Happen 
13. Little Dog Mind (New Miami v.) 

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