Keeled Scales was started by two musicians in Austin, Texas. We put out our first release in June 2014.

Seth Whaland plays bass in Tres Oui. He also played in the band Literature and co-ran Natrix Natrix Records from 2004-2009, which was a cassette and vinyl label that also hosted legendary house shows in southwest Austin. Acts that played the Natrix Natrix House include Deer Tick, Woods, Real Estate, The Shivers, Jonny Fritz, Liz Isenberg, Simon Joyner, and Charlie McAlister.    

Tony Presley has played music as Real Live Tigers since 2004, playing hundreds of shows in the US, Canada, and Europe. He's lived at several house venues, including the Natrix Natrix House, Jesse's Bed & Breakfast, and Track House in Austin, as well as the Dinosaur House in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He also co-ran an art space in Fayetteville called Lalaland that is still active.  

Keeled Scales currently curates a house show series at Track House that hosts mostly acoustic touring and local acts. You can follow our facebook page for news about those.

Or send us an email and ask to be added to our mailing list: ks@keeledscales.com

We've also been really fortunate to add Elise to our staff as a project manager.


Here’s what we’ve released so far:

KS 001 The Room Outside LP (06/17/14)
KS 002 Real Live Tigers "Tomboys" 7-inch (11/12/15)
KS 003 The Shivers "Charades" LP (10/17/14)
KS 004 Mandarin Dynasty "Feedback Time" LP (09/28/15)
KS 005 Real Live Tigers "Denatured" LP (04/15/16)
KS 006 JPKS lathe-cut 7-inch (02/14/16) 
KS 007 Dubb Nubb "It's Weird in This World" CS (03/15/2016) 
KS 008 Caitlin Kraus Torres 7-inch (06/15/16)
KS 009 LRN GRN "Easy Spirits/Grape Perfume" CS (04/08/16)
KS 010 Adam Torres "Pearls to Swine" CS (09/09/16)
KS 011 JPKS "Constant Stranger" CS (09/30/16)
KS 012 Lindsay Clark "Home of the Brave" CS (09/16/16)
KS 013 Lindsay Clark "Begin" CS (09/23/16)
KS 014 Knife in the Water "Reproduction" LP (03/03/17)
KS 015 Human Behavior "Cancer: As Seen From Basement" CS (04/28/17)
KS 016 Future Museums "Visible Nest" CS (01/13/17)
KS 017 RF Shannon "Other Trails" CS (10/21/16)
KS 018 Julia Lucille "Chthonic" LP/CD/CS (04/07/17)
KS 019 Julia Lucille "Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1" CS (11/25/16)
KS 020 Brice Randall Bickford "PARO" LP (02/24/17)
KS 021 LRN GRN lathe-cut 7” (05/12/17)
KS 022 Moses Nesh "No Labor-Saving Machine" LP (04/21/17)
KS 023 Alex Dupree "You Winsome, You Lonesome" CS (06/09/17)
KS 024 Sun Riah "Sitting with Sounds and Listening for Ghosts" CS/CD (07/21/17)
KS 025 David Dondero "Spider West..." 2xLP (2/2/18)
KS 026 Katy Kirby "Juniper" CS (09/28/18)
KS 027 Twain "Rare Feeling" LP/CD/CS (10/20/17)

KS 029 Lake Mary "River Ceremony" CD (06/29/2018)
KS 030 Buck Meek "s/t" LP/CD/CS (May 18, 2018)
KS 031 Sun June "Years" LP/CD/CS (June 15, 2018)

KS 034 Sun June tour CS (June 15, 2018)