David Dondero "The Transient" vinyl preorder


David Dondero "The Transient" vinyl preorder


Over 15 years after its initial release, David Dondero’s classic 2003 album The Transient is finally being released on vinyl. This is a preorder for the record, due Sept. 27, 2019, although preorders will ship as soon as they’ve arrived.

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, this pressing is limited to 1000 copies, with:

  • 100 on smoky “Ashes on the Highway” opaque vinyl

  • 200 on white vinyl

  • 200 on two-tone white & black vinyl

  • 500 on classic black vinyl

Side A:
1. The Living and the Dead 
2. Ashes on the Highway 
3. Twenty Years 
4. Dance of Spring 
5. See it Clear 

Side B:
1. Less than the Air 
2. Going Back to Wilmington
3. The Stars are my Chandelier 
4. Vaporize 
5. The Transient 
6. The Song for the Civil Engineer 

The record will also come with a download code for 4 digital bonus tracks, including live recordings and covers from that same era.

The album was recorded by Mike Mogis at Presto! Recording Studios in Lincoln, Nebraska, except for “Vaporize,” which was recorded by Zach Passero in Anthony, New Mexico and “Going Back to Wilmington,” recorded on Panasonic slimline tape recorder in Wilmington, North Carolina by DD and doubled digitally by Stephen Pedersen.

The album was mastered by Doug Vansloun.

Mastered for vinyl by Carl Saff.

Originally released on CD by Future Farmer Recordings.

Cover art by Frankie Chan.

vinyl color:
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