Mandarin Dynasty "Feedback Time" LP


Mandarin Dynasty "Feedback Time" LP

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"Feedback Time" is the most recent album (released Sept. 28, 2015) by Portland-based road warriors Mandarin Dynasty. This is what the Portland Mercury had to say about it:

" album of Arthur Russell references, bottomless nostalgia, and love gone wrong. Combining well-rendered songwriting with playful arrangements, the album nods to decades of clever heartbreak pop as a host of instruments make walk-on appearances over an all-star backing band. It manages to find some magical place between sincerity and levity without feeling forced or heavy-handed, and contains at least one song that should reasonably become a cherished standard of karaoke duets."

1. Feedback Time
2. Second Storey
3. Mouth of the Party
4. Olas
5. I'm Afraid of the Dark
6. Gull
7. Hell
8. More Bodies
9. Dear God Think I Got Good Feeling

Recorded by Mike Sherk and Zach Burba at the Funny Button in Seattle, Washington.

Performed by Mike Sherk and Zach Burba, with:

Lilly Morlock
Carly Toyer
Liz Isenberg
Jacob Jaffe
Matt Longwell
Gregory Campanile
Drew Stoeckel
Jonah Byrne

Written by Mike Sherk, except 2 and 5 (Mike Sherk / Adam Lipman).

Mixed by Drew Stoeckel with Luke Burba and John Michael Landon.

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