Lindsay Clark "Home of the Brave" cassette


Lindsay Clark "Home of the Brave" cassette

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This album was originally released on CD in May 2011 and we've loved it since then. Nine beautifully crafted folk songs with nuanced arrangements featuring mandolin, flute, and violin behind Lindsay Clark's finger-picking and layered vocal harmonies.

From Lindsay: "We sometimes equate braveness with fighting, but it can also mean surrendering, to yourself, to an emotion or a feeling or thought, and making a commitment to explore that. Opening up to yourself in this way takes courage, and it makes us smarter and wiser and more empathetic, which is what I think we are here for."

Engineered and mixed by Sean Ogilvie at his home in Sellwood, OR. 
Mastered by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound in Portland, OR. 

Lindsay Clark (vox, guitar, piano) 
Birger Olson (mandolin) 
Jessica Wright (alto flute) 
Anton Patzner (violin) 

All songs written by Lindsay. 
Photos by Lindsay Clark. 
Design by Greta Merrick.

These are limited to only 50 copies.

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