Lindsay Clark "Begin" cassette


Lindsay Clark "Begin" cassette

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This is Lindsay Clark's most recent album, released digitally in September 2014. This album is a special release, limited to 50 copies.

Side A
1. Down in the Water
2. The Rainbow Sign
3. Motherland
4. Sweetgrass
5. I Give

Side B
1. Poets
2. Remedy
3. Robin Song
4. The Dogwood Tree

Lindsay Clark: guitar, banjo, piano, vocals, arrangements. 
Mirabai Peart: violin and arrangements
Ryan Spellman: drums
Willem Joersz: upright bass
Sean Ogilvie: electric bass.

Recorded by Sean Ogilvie
Mixed by Adam Selzer
Mastered by Bruce Winter
Watercolors by Miki Saito
Design by Greta Merrick

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