LRN GRN cassette (second pressing)


LRN GRN cassette (second pressing)

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This cassette collects two LRN GRN EPs: "Easy Spirits" from 2012 and "Grape Perfume" from 2013. These were originally released as handmade CDRs and digital releases. In 2016 we pressed 100 of these on translucent purple cassettes, but they sold out within a few months. This is the second pressing (limited to 50) on orange cassettes.

"LRN GRN takes stripped down guitar pop structures into vernal pools of warm reverb and delay. These are simple songs bathed in mesmerizing atmosphere. Warm layers of guitar and vocals surrounded by haze and darkness like the sun setting on Death Valley.  The guitar is rootsy, yet intricately layered, chiming and shimmering around Green’s vocals which are at once dusty and ethereal"-- Guide Me Little Tape

Side A "Easy Spirits"
1. Quilts
2. Pinholes
3. Cabins
4. Uncharted Waters
5. Just Spells 

Side B "Grape Perfume"

1. Imagined Pontoon
2. Grape Perfume
3. Busy Hours
4. Got Cruise Inside Of Me
5. Cowgirl In The Sand  

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