Lake Mary "River Ceremony" CD-EP

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Lake Mary cover2 (1).jpg
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Lake Mary "River Ceremony" CD-EP

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This is Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band's two-track CD EP River Ceremony released June 29, 2018. Glass-master replicated CDs in an eco digipak:

1. River Ceremony (25:30)

2. Deluge (01:26)

"River Ceremony" features Chaz Prymek (Lake Mary) on acoustic guitar in collaboration with these fine folks:

Paul DeHaven : electric guitar
Jess DeHaven : cello
Jordan Knecht : pump organ, acoustic guitar
Nathan Wheeler : harmonium
Taylor Ross : banjo

It was recorded live in Evergreen, CO by Will Koster and mixed by Paul DeHaven & Chaz Prymek.

"Deluge" is a solo guitar piece recorded by Chaz Prymek at home in Gualala, CA.

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