Karrie Hopper "An Unusual Move" CD


Karrie Hopper "An Unusual Move" CD


Originally released in 2006 on Massachuetts-based label Nobody's Favorite Records, this album is a cult classic.

These CDs come in beautifully screenprinted and letterpressed (with gold ink) Stumptown arigato sleeves. 

1. An Unusual Move
2. Twilight Song
4. The Night Game
5. Beyond The Wild
6. Prayer Before Nightmare
7. Ten Years From Now
8. True Rider
9. Racing
10. Take My Life
11. Inspiration City
12. You Were Loved

"Honest and an absolute embracing of an aesthetic, uncompromising in a way, tough beneath the surface. They are her visions, her art, her craft, a way of life, and moments like the almost nailed-it harmonies of ‘Inspiration City’ are small moments that make life worthwhile."-- Americana UK

"An album that is unusual, even by lo-fi indie folk standards, in its unforced intimacy. Hopper’s unique vocals convey both aw-shucks girlishness and the wry worldview of a woman who’s lived through a hard battle or two. 'And I went to war' is the opening line of the album."-- The Red Alert

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