David Dondero "Inside the Cat's Eye" vinyl LP


David Dondero "Inside the Cat's Eye" vinyl LP

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We just received a handful of distro copies of David Dondero's new album "Inside the Cat's Eye," which comes out January 23, although preorders will ship immediately.

Record is on standard-weight black vinyl and comes with a download code.

This was released as new label Koschke Records' first release and it is David Dondero's 9th studio album.

01 Summer of the Suns
02 Capitol Buildings Bleed
03 You've Got Love In You
04 Rock Bottom
05 Bacon, Eggs, and Beer
06 What Kinda Love is It? 
07 Country Cliché 
08 My God is Math
09 Bio-illogical Father
10 All My Love

It was recorded in Austin, Texas at The Cat's Eye and features:

Cully Symington on drums
Kullen Fox on vibraphone, accordion, and trumpet
Adorniram Lipton on piano
Doug Walseth on lead guitar and pedal steel
John Winsor on bass

Tom Crail on tuba

Recorded by Doug Walseth
Mastered by Mike Vasquez


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