Julia Lucille "Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1" cassette


Julia Lucille "Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1" cassette

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Julia Lucille's "Bedroom Tapes, Vol. 1" is back in print. This was originally released in February 2016 by fellow Austin label Punctum Records, but after a busy year of Julia touring it sold out. This pressing is limited to 100 tapes.

From Julia Lucille: "The Bedroom Tapes is a project I have where I write and record a song every new moon. I started several summers ago while I was heartbroken and staying at my friends' ranch. The songs include some field recordings of my walking around the ranch at night or the cicadas in the trees at midday when I would sit in the doorway of my trailer and not really know what to do with myself."

This tape features early demos of 3 songs that were refined and polished into studio recordings for Julia's album "Chthonic" coming out April 7.


1. Indian Orchards
2. Darkening
3. The Corn
4. Night
5. Sunrise
6. Moonrise
7. Devotion
8. A Little Jolt
9. Buying Incense and Tea
10. Talk
11. Pretty, Nameless
12. Wine Blue Ocean 

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