Letters read aloud over a.m. radio, quiet guitar through motel room walls, loud electric guitar in summer basements, gravel parking lots in the rain, train sounds.

Real Live Tigers has had many manifestations and line-ups. The project was started by Tony Presley in 2004 and has often been him solo, on electric or classical guitar, but it’s been been as many as 8 people crowded together on a tiny stage.

For a long time it was lonely Greyhound tours criss-crossing the US and Canada, but nowadays it's Presley touring in whatever cheap car he owns, occasionally with a bassist and drummer, playing wandering heart highway blues songs.

The fourth Real Live Tigers album Denatured was remastered and released on vinyl on April 15, 2016.  

There's very slowly a fifth album in the works. Who knows when it’ll be done. 2020?