In September 2015 we released the Mandarin Dynasty album Feedback Time on vinyl. In 2018, we're hoping to release the follow-up called Perfection, as Mike Sherk with Band.

Some press for the Feedback Time:

"Feedback Time is an album of Arthur Russell references, bottomless nostalgia, and love gone wrong. Combining well-rendered songwriting with playful arrangements, the album nods to decades of clever heartbreak pop as a host of instruments make walk-on appearances over an all-star backing band. It manages to find some magical place between sincerity and levity without feeling forced or heavy-handed, and contains at least one song that should reasonably become a cherished standard of karaoke duets."-- Joshua James Amberson, Portland Mercury

"Mandarin Dynasty is the project of Mike Sherk, except when it’s not.  Feedback Time features contribution from at least nine other musicians, and the list of band members 2004-present on the Mandarin Dynasty website details another ten more. So while Sherk writes most of the songs, the recorded performances end up a little bit out of control. Feedback Time is Sherk’s third Mandarin Dynasty record, following 2014′s Perpendicular Crosstalk and 2005′s Sea Legs, and the first to feature Zach Burba of iji as a primary collaborator. All the collaborators Sherk brings in pull the album in strange, strange directions. Feedback Time is maybe the most playful record I’ve heard all year."-- Tristan Rodman, Portals