photo by Bill McCullough

photo by Bill McCullough


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On March 3, 2017 we released the Knife in the Water's fourth album Reproduction on vinyl. It was their first album since 2003's Cut the Cord.

From the Austin Chronicle:

“ ‘It's not fun music. I know that,’ he acknowledges. ‘It's also not feel-good music. It never has been, by design.’

The band's hazy, pensive output resonates with people nonetheless, levitating between obscurity and reverence locally for nearly 20 years. From 1998 debut Plays One Sound and Others to the March 3 release of Reproduction, Knife in the Water has maintained singularity of sound. In the Nineties when grunge and hardcore reigned in Austin's clubs, Knife in the Water pushed back against that with quiet audacity.

Bedhead, American Analog Set, and other Texans set into motion a Lone Star branch of a national movement led by Galaxie 500, Codeine, and Low that utilized negative space in sound and songwriting. Uniquely, KITW combined elements of folk, rock & roll, and centrally, country music.”

A video for "Beware a Holy Whore" exists, but has not yet been released (February 6, 2019).


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