Future Museums

Tiny Mix Tapes // "Buried With Her Jewelry" video premiere


Future Museums was started in 2009 by Arkansas native Neil Lord. It started as mostly minimal guitar meditations, but the project has now evolved into a collaboration within the Austin, Texas ambient/pysch/experimental music community. It regularly features members of Single Lash, Xander Harris, and TV Honest and has in the past featured members of Woodsman, Poppy Red, SW/MM/NG, Mini Dresses, Voyageurs, Dr. Nod and more. 

Future Museums has also released music via Holodeck Records, Fire Talk, and Mirror Universe.

In January 2017 Keeled Scales released Visible Nest, a return to Lord's solo roots-- 8 beautifully meandering ambient drones that drizzle, lope, and gallop beneath the blood.

It's a meditative album, that is somehow grand, intimate, and byzantine, and reminiscent of Brian Eno's best Ambient work.