photo by Bryan Parker

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Gorilla vs. Bear // "Young" video premiere

Gorilla vs. Bear // "Discotheque" video premiere

Consequence of Sound // Origins: "Slow Rise II" premiere

Sun June makes regret pop in Austin, Texas.

Laura Colwell and Stephen Salisbury formed the band while working long hours in director Terrence Malick’s editing rooms, practicing in the office whenever Malick was out of town.

They worked with Dan Duszynski (Cross Record; Loma) and fellow Malick alum Will Patterson (Sleep Good) on their first set of demos before solidifying the current line up of Michael Bain on guitar, Sarah Schultz on drums, and Justin Harris on bass.

In 2017 they began working on Years with Evan Kaspar at Estuary Recording Facility, recording live to tape. Tony Presley of the Austin label Keeled Scales was living above the studio at the time, and first heard Sun June through the floorboards. He contacted the band soon after.

Years is a we’ve-been-broken-up-a-long-time record. It looks back on failed relationships from a distance. But its ten songs are filled with warm sounds and catchy melodies. Laura’s vocals, Sarah’s harmonies, and Michael’s layered guitar lines float over simple and spacious structures.

The band has an album release show on June 14 in Austin, Texas at Spiderhouse Ballroom and will be touring the West Coast in June, the East Coast in July, and Italy in September.

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