Johanna Warren "Gemini I" cassette


Johanna Warren "Gemini I" cassette

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Johanna Warren's beautifully complex, witch-folk album from 2016, Gemini I, available on cassette.

1. A Bird in the Crocodile's Mouth 

2. Hungry Ghost

3. Let Me Stay 

4. The Blessing The Curse 

5. circlenot astraight 

6. There is a Light 

7. Glukupikron 

8. Little Red Lines 

9. White Owl 

Released via Spirit House

All songs by Johanna Warren
Recorded and mixed by Bella Blasko
Co-produced by Bella Blasko & Johanna Warren
Mastered by Sarah Register

Johanna Warren - Vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, flute, harmonium, mellotron, vibes, synths
Bella Blasko - Vocals, piano, organ, mellotron, synths
Jim Bertini - Drums on Track 2
Jane Scarpantoni - Cello on track 9

Album photos by Gretchen Heinel 

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