The Shivers "In the Morning" 2xLP


The Shivers "In the Morning" 2xLP


This is the deluxe double vinyl reissue of the 2009 album In the Morning by The Shivers. This was quietly released by Untide Records in 2014, but we just received some copies for distribution.

This is the original album remixed and remastered, plus a bonus Side D of never before released material. We're also offering this as a bundle with Charades, the first album by The Shivers. You can find that here-- 

1. Just Didn't Need To Know

2. African Passport

3. Cold In The Morning 

4. Only In It For The $$$

5. Early Bird Special

6. Insane

7. Sad Excuse

8. Diamonds

9. Diamonds Reprise

10. Cheree

11. Firenze

12. Warm In The Morning

13. Fiona's Home (Bonus Track)

14. Nothing At All

15. Untitled 

16. Magazine Lover

17. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars 

18. Untitled 

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