David Dondero "Spider West..." 2xLP

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David Dondero "Spider West..." 2xLP


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This is a double vinyl version of the David Dondero album Spider West Myshkin and a City Bus. This was David's second album, originally released on CD in 1999, and now available on vinyl for the first time ever. The original masters were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and so this has been carefully remastered from the CD by Mike Vasquez. The vinyl also features the two bonus tracks from the Ghostmeat Records CD release from 2000.

100 of these are available on transparent purple vinyl and the rest on traditional black vinyl.

**UPDATE: transparent purple vinyl is now SOLD OUT**

Side A
1. Motion Picture Song
2. Ode to a 1973 Open Road
3. Rubber Tree Cane  

4. Maybe Separation Makes Us Stronger

Side B
1. I Had to get Back East
2. Boulevard of Broken Hearts, Busted Dreams, Shattered Wills, (Booze and Pills) 
3. Pity Party
4. Halfway House

Side C
1. Michael Raines
2. Me First at the Expense of Everybody Else
3. Sensitivity and Lynching
4. Jackson Crosses

Side D
1. Where the River Let Out
2. Vestige Gone
3. Pre-Invasion Jitters
4. Thank You For... 

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