Lake Mary is the beautiful instrumental guitar project of Chaz Prymek.

We'll be releasing a two-track Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band CD-EP on February 16, 2018 called "River Ceremony."

You can hear his other releases here.

"We recorded River Ceremony in my old bedroom in Evergreen, CO, six best friends in one room doing what we do best together. 

'River Ceremony' started as a means of reflection and processing on/of what it means to be living as a human, to have lost dear friends and family, to be a part of nature, to fall in and out of love, to find community, etc. etc. Mostly written while touring the expansive western united states. I started this song as a teenager. It wasn't until my later 20s that the piece felt complete and I could bring it to the band and end whatever chapter of my life that song was scoring." 

Chaz Prymek is also in the projects Nevada Greene (Dismal Niche) and VISIT (patient sounds).

Chaz Prymek is a songwriter, sound artist, dog walker, food grower, builder, goat herder who currently works on a goat farm near Columbia, Missouri.